Survival Horror With Many Twists

Duty Bound is inspired by a lot of highly regarded games of the survival horror genre; such as Welcome To The Game, Cry of Fear, Lost in Vivo etc. However, it is not a linear horror shooter. The game contains various elements such as item management, combat, "survive the night" mechanics, puzzles and more.

The game takes place in a gloomy town, where you are assigned with a difficult task. You need to use whatever you can find; your phone, computer, items you find or buy, and try to progress forward.

Your Friend And Foe

In Duty Bound, your in-game mobile phone will be your biggest helper. People with shady agendas will contact you through the phone's messaging app. Sometimes, you will need them to guide you throughout your journey. Sometimes, you will need to convince them to give you an important information about a puzzle piece. Maybe you will even try to comfort yourself by talking to a calming person, just to take a breath from this nightmare.

Surfing The Internet Ruins

Web access will be an important part of your journey. You will access the remains of what was once the internet used by everybody. You will see (the parody of) popular websites after they have collapsed with mass server shutdowns. Only thing you can do is to try to find clues and surf the available sites to uncover their secrets. You can buy items through the internet, download important files, and even find new friends or foes to contact.

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