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Open Alpha starts on May 1st!

What is Draft of Darkness?

Draft of Darkness is a rogue-like card game with a post-apocalyptic theme. It merges mechanics from games like Slay The Spire and Darkest Dungeon. In short, you designate a starting deck of cards you can use to defeat enemies. You recruit companions, get more cards for your deck, and try to reach the end. Of course, this summary leaves a lot of things out, so for a more detailed explanation, look below!

How to join?

You can start playing the game by joining our Discord Server. By joining the server, you will have access to the game's download page. You will also be able to give your feedback through Discord, by chatting with us directly.

What are the requirements?

No requirements, but it's recommended to be a person who likes playing games! Also, being an RPG lover, or being familiar with roguelike card games such as Slay The Spire is encouraged, since that means you are more likely to enjoy the game.

When does the test end?

There is no designated end date yet. During the Alpha phase, there will be weekly updates that will iteratively improve the game, add content and fix bugs. We want to continue this process, until we decide the game is in a state that satisfies us and the community.

How much of the game is finished?

The game includes content that may be qualified as a vertical slice of the whole experience. For now, there are 2 areas, 80 cards, 2 heroes, 2 companion types, 3 bosses in the game. Our target is: 4 areas, 160+ cards, 4+ heroes, 8+ companion types, 10+ bosses. In addition, we want to improve the game assets like graphics and music, so those are subject to change as well.

What do I get?

First and foremost, the development of Draft of Darkness will be driven by the community feedback. With continuous updates, you will be seeing the game get shaped up by your ideas and recommendations. There will also be little gifts as a thank you to our most contributing testers (such as gift cards).

Survival Horror Themed Card Game

Draft of Darkness aims to merge the mechanics of many genres, such as rogue-like card games, survival horror and role playing games. The combat is mainly inspired by Slay The Spire, and it's blended together with horror elements and more in-depth RPG features.

Each character in the game have the ability to use a subset of the available weapons, meaning they can use the abilities (cards) of that weapon. This makes it possible to construct creative decks with powerful combos, as well as let the characters aid each other and strengthen each other's weaknesses.

Explore The Dangers Freely

In Draft of Darkness, gameplay is separated into two parts: exploration and encounter. While the encounter phase is mainly the card combat; in the exploration phase, you will walk around the map in darkness and try to find your way. It is crucial to cleverly use whatever items you find during your journey to avoid the dangers, salvage whatever you can and save resources. During the exploration, you will find:

  • New friends that will want to join your group and aid you.
  • Trade points which will exchange their goods with yours (money is not the only trade unit anymore).
  • Decisions that you will need to make to advance the story or be punished.
  • Various loot with items and gear that you find laying around.
  • Powerful enemies that will try to prevent your progress.

Make-Your-Own-Story Style Decisions And Multiple Endings

Draft of Darkness will tell a story of future, where everything finally went bad. You will hear the struggles of many characters, whether it be in the notes that you find in the world, or in the decisions you make, shaping their very fate. Each run will be different gameplay-wise, as well as with the story coming to light piece by piece. Each new outcome might unlock new heroes to start the story with, or new booster packs to unlock unseen starting cards for the next run.

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