Draft of Darkness is a survival horror deck builder with roguelike dungeon exploration. Recruit allies, synergize their decks to create powerful card combos, manage your resources, explore procedurally generated maps and determine the outcome of the story.


Steam Winter Game Festival 2021

Draft of Darkness participates in the Steam Winter Indie Game Festival 2021.


  • Survival horror atmosphere, similar to old classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.
  • Strategic, turn based card combat; inspired from Slay The Spire and Darkest Dungeon.
  • True Roguelike tile-based dungeon exploration, where you explore procedurally generated maps full of enemies, allies and events.
  • Booster packs you can buy after each run, containing cards that you can customize your starter decks with.
  • Meta story progression, where each run progresses the story further.
  • 4+ weapon types, each with 20+ different cards.
  • 2+ heroes, 2+ companion archetypes, 5+ bosses, 15+ enemies, 20+ items, randomly generated gear and more coming up!
  • Decision events with random puzzles and hard choices.


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About Crawly Games

Crawly Games is a solo indie game developer located in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently focused on experimental horror-themed games.
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Draft of Darkness Credits

Founder, Developer