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Scavenge To Survive

Heroes After the Fall is an idle RPG game where you control a group of survivors in a post apocalyptic era. Designate your hero’s skills and items and send them to scavenge more supplies and gain experience to level up. Find companions to help you on your journey. Your heros will fight with various enemies -even boss creatures-; each with different skill sets, requiring you to carefully determine your tactics. Your hero’s and companions’ skills will determine the outcome of every fight. It adopts an “idle RPG” gameplay where you take care of the equipment and training of the heroes in the towns and send them to different locations for scavenge. When the scavenge is done in a designated time, the heros will return for you to help them prepare for the next location. After every scavenge, you can spectate the fight to see what is lacking in your current strategy.

Heroes After the Fall is a completely offline game. Internet connection is only required if you want to use the ability to reduce waiting times by watching ads.


The world has become ruins when the unified power in the world made some bad decisions. With the advancement of the technology, remote controlled robots called “Camheads” started to be used in every humane activity. Rich people bought camheads and started asserting dominance on people with normal lives. The united government joined in and replaced military with camhead soldiers. Chaos ensued and many diseases and taboos came to surface. Surface of the earth became uninhabitable because of the increasing poisonous gasses and radiation. Camheads, mutated beings and unknown creatures are left to be the only ones roaming the wastelands of the earth. Only way left to survive is to fight.

Heroes After the Fall is a game where you need to find your way yourself by exploring the world. Don’t expect it to hold your hand and show you everything from the get go.

"No Time To Wait" Update

The update introduces a new item named “Dark Orb”. This item lets the player reduce waiting times, just like watching ads do. Don’t worry, although the item is purchasable through in-app purchases, this will not be a paywall situation. Dark orbs are not rare items, they are actually designed to be very common in the game. Every successful scavenge is guaranteed to result in a dark orb. Also, designated enemies (especially bosses) have high chances to drop dark orbs. It is very much possible to go through all the game, using freely acquired dark orbs and not even waiting a single minute!

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