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What is Puzzle Sage?

Puzzle Sage is a puzzle game with brilliantly designed levels that will give your brain a challenge. Control a puzzle fanatic blue monster and navigate him around various levels, each with different elements such as buttons, keys, boxes, enemies, bullets, etc. The game will keep introducing new mechanics, making the puzzles harder as you tackle each one. Earn stars in the levels depending on your success, unlocking new levels and finding puzzles designed to challenge and fully satisfy you.

  • Collect all the keys distributed around the level.
  • Push crates onto buttons to keep doors open.
  • Press colored buttons where only one color will stay open.
  • Get past enemies and bullets shot by enemies.
  • Be careful that wooden crates may be destroyed by the enemies.
  • Redirect enemy bullets to charge bullet collectors which will open special pathways.

More about Puzzle Sage

Puzzle sage is Bronze Hand’s second game (first one being “Heroes After the Fall”). This is our attempt at creating a game that is thought-provoking, yet action packed and fun. It gives the players a chance to sit back, relax and focus on well-made puzzles, while also rewarding fast players that want a time trial experience.

At launch, there are 7 achivements to be get, depending on the stars you collected. Also, there is a leaderboard for collected stars in the game.

Varied Levels For Infinite Fun

As of the launch date of the game, There are 72 levels that are completely free. There are no experience system, no loot boxes, no daily rewards, nothing that interrupts the fun and enjoyment of a puzzle game. Just sit back and play the levels as you like. The levels numbered 73 to 108 (36 levels) are the puzzles that are designed as more advanced levels and contained in Level Pack 1. Buying Level Pack 1 in the store of the game will unlock these levels and also get rid of the ads. Since the banner ads contain a section of the screen, removing the ads will increase the size of the display of the gameplay area.

We tried to implement the ads in the game as unintrusive to the player as possible. The banner shown in the game is positioned such that it will be far from the player’s interaction area. The time between full screen ads is determined to be as long as possible.

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