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A Revolutionary Space Shooter

Revoshooter is a “revolutionary” space shooter game, with comfortable and easy to get used to controls, specifically designed for mobile gameplay. The main objective of the game is to reach a certain planet on a randomly generated galaxy by travelling between planets and fighting enemies. Each planet is swarmed with different types of enemies, some even witheld by powerful bosses. The aim is to select appropriate loadout for each mission and fight enemies with tactical weapons.

  • Protect the “core” from space pirates by tactically placing “orbiters” around it.
  • Consider your enemies before choosing the appropriate units to use in the level.
  • Fight using your ship and orbiters against swarm of enemies and powerful bosses.
  • Salvage crates for units, upgrade them using upgrade cards.
  • Go from galaxy to galaxy and save them from the bad guys.

No Ads or In App Purchases

Considering my experience regarding the previous games, I decided to leave this game free from ads and in app purchases. It was clear that any form of ads and pay-gated items puts the game in a disadvantageous position. It is possible for a game to not reach its full potential in terms of player reach, when the game has any indication of ads or in app store.

To reach a broader user mass, I decided to make a completely free game. For this reason, I decided to design the in game systems and controls as accessible and easy as possible.

Know Your Units

Revoshooter has a TCG-esque card system, where the units in the game are represented as cards. This is only a representation style for the units and the game does not contain any TCG elements. There are 3 unit types: ship, orbiter and core. Ship is the main offence unit. Like most of the shooters, the ship shoots bullets in a pattern dependant on the ship type and upgrades collected. Orbiters are tactical units, positioned inside 3 directions of the core, and keep their positions with respect to the ship. The ship and the orbiters move around the core to protect it from taking heavy damage. If the core or the ship is destroyed, the game will be over.

There are various types of orbiters, each with different powers. “Laser Cannon” shoots lasers, obliterating foes in its path; “Bomber” deploys bombs that explode to deal area damage; “Medic” periodically repairs the ship; “Shield” blocks bullets from reaching to the core. The most important aspect of the game is to combine orbiters tactically to counter enemies and succeed missions.

Upgrades, The Pinacle of Progression

All of the units are upgradable. Upgrading a ship, for example, will improve aspects like shoot rate, number of bullets shot, health, damage etc. Each unit has its own progression path, in terms of attribute improvement throughout levels.

Upgrading units require upgrade cards. These cards are found inside loot crates gained from cleared planets. There are various crate types, which drop unit and upgrade cards from different rarities.


Since the game is in the beta phase, there is a certain lack of variety in terms of units, enemies, bosses and environments. While this is a good entry point, I am aware that the gameplay may be a little repetitive after a few hours. I will definitely solve this problem by adding varied content, especially with unique boss designs and orbiter types.

I will continue to rapidly improve the game with constant updates, as long as there are people interested in the game. Since I won’t be getting any income from the game anyway, I will focus on the general reception to be motivated. In terms of future updates, with respective order, I will focus on:

  • Bug fixes,
  • Optimization,
  • Player suggestions,
  • New content (enemies, orbiters, ships, bosses)
  • New feature implementations (core powers etc.)

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