Time To Let It Rip

I have been gone for a few months to consider some of my life choices and now I am very happy to be back! And this time we won't be holding back. There will be more development, more games, more fun! Ladies and gentlemen, GET READY FOR CRAWLY!

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? I have changed the name and branding (again) because I am finally aiming to focus on a designated genre. I want to focus on survival-horror themed games, therefore I have designed everything to go with the theme, by being more dark and gloomy. On the other hand, I don't want it to be TOO dark, giving us a little bit of a leeway in terms of having more freedom. Therefore, we now have a playfully horrific website.

Of course, our rebranding is not the only news. I also want to change how I work and develop the games. Firstly, I want to be more involved with the community during the development phase. I will be posting updates on Twitter more frequently. Secondly, I will write blog posts here, talking about my development status. The blog posts will likely be on a weekly basis.

Going forward, I will be working on PC games, and I will likely release my games on itch.io and Steam. I'm probably not returning to mobile game development, except for supporting my previous games. This will give me more freedom in the game design and also I will be able to jump in 3D game development.

Speaking of 3D development, I have not been working on Duty Bound during this absent time. I have, however, started working on a new 2D game, which is actually quite far in the development process, much farther than Duty Bound. This means I will be working on this new game and announce more details in a very near future.

In the end, I am happy to be back at game development. I have a small amount of savings which I can spend during developing my next games. Hopefully our next steps will be successful and we can just keep on doing what we love...

Also, I am sorry if you have arachnophobia...