Absent Life Announcement

In parallel to the 3D horror game "Duty Bound" that I had been working on, I started a new project. This new game, called "Absent Life" has now become my current focus. It's a 2D horror-themed card game, where rogue-like card combat aspects are inspired by the well-known game Slay The Spire. For now, the development for Duty Bound is on hold.

Absent Life's lore will be parallel to the one that I have been constructing for a while, which I used in one of my previous games, Heroes After The Fall. It will be set in a post-apocalyptic universe. I will be explaining more of the story later on -when I add the game page to the website- but I can say that a lot of the setting and enemies etc. will be very similar to Heroes After The Fall. Of course, that game will look very basic compared to what Absent Life will be.

Time To Let It Rip

I have been gone for a few months to consider some of my life choices and now I am very happy to be back! And this time we won't be holding back. There will be more development, more games, more fun! Ladies and gentlemen, GET READY FOR CRAWLY!

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